For founders building massively scalable, science and technology-based startups.

The general technology or “Prime” stream at CDL-NYC includes startups in an array of industries with deep science and technology innovations. The Prime stream is industry agnostic, with startups tackling problems in healthcare, finance, media, retail, chemical, transportation, and energy sectors, amongst others. Technologies in the Prime stream include chemistry, biotechnology, medical, computer science, artificial intelligence, electronics, blockchain, and general IT applications.

The first and only CDL in the United States, CDL-NYC will foster an ecosystem to maximize the probability of success for science and technology-based, massively scalable, startups in the New York region and beyond. CDL-NYC will leverage the greater NYC region’s strengths as the world’s business capital, as host to the world’s foremost research institutions, and as the fastest growing hub in the U.S. for high-tech startups. It currently offers the Prime stream, which supports disruptive startups across a breadth of industries, technologies and applications mirroring NYC’s diverse industry base.

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