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For founders pursuing state of the art technological innovations across diverse industries.

Distinct from CDL’s specialized streams that each focus on a particular industry or technology, CDL Prime admits diverse ventures pursuing many different applications of technology to industry problems. Strong Prime ventures include those with differentiated technology, regardless of having selected a target industry vertical.

In 2012, the Creative Destruction Lab launched a general program that eventually became known as the CDL Prime Stream. In 2019, the stream will accept ventures at four CDL locations:

CDL-Toronto’s annual Prime Cohort is composed primarily of Ontario-based ventures. The program is industry- and technology-agnostic. Alumni include Thalmic Labs, and Atomwise.
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CDL-West’s annual Prime Cohort is composed primarily of British Columbia-based ventures. The program is industry- and technology-agnostic. Alumni include Ecoation, and Ionomr.
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CDL-Atlantic’s annual Prime Cohort is composed of ventures from Atlantic Canada. The program accepts ventures from diverse fields but focuses specifically on founders pursuing clean technologies and ocean-related technologies.
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CDL-Rockies’ annual Prime Cohort is composed primarily of ventures from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The program is industry and technology agnostic. Alumni include SensorUp, Swirltex, Neuraura, Zept and Vivametrica.
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“The CDL sessions were a great forcing mechanism to make progress and think about the right things. The steady pace and schedule of those meetings and having a no ‘bs group of people that would call you out if you didn’t deliver on what you’d said you’d do over the past 6 weeks was incredible…I think that it’s a great forcing mechanism, it helps crystallize what is important…a number of Fellows became our early investors in our angel round, which was fundamental to us having the capital to build the product, and at the time we went from early idea and prototype with that angel round and took it far enough to raise a Series A.”


Stephen Lake

Cofounder & CEO,


CDL Alumni ’12