For founders pursuing commercial opportunities predicated on the application of blockchain technology.  

The Blockchain Incubator Stream at CDL-Toronto is a 10-month program that gives blockchain founders personalized mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and a community of visionaries in blockchain — including Anthony Lacavera, Richard Titus, Boris Wertz and more. Founders are also eligible for office space in Toronto and intensive technical training from industry and academic leaders in blockchain and crypto-economics.

Startups must attend a virtual two-week bootcamp in July 2020 and five objective-setting sessions between October 2020 and June 2021.

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How Does The Program Work?

Every two months, companies have a boardroom-style meeting with CDL Mentors to garner feedback and set objectives that hold the Founders accountable for the next meeting. Mentors build a stronger relationship with founders by having continuous touch points and develop a deeper understanding of their businesses — allowing them to provide better strategic guidance.

Who Should Apply?

The CDL Blockchain Incubator Stream is suited to creative, intelligent, and ambitious individuals and teams with strong backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, statistics, cryptography, or blockchain. The program’s focus is on early-stage companies (pre-seed) or existing teams (pre-incorporation). Applications focused purely on crypto-currencies will not be considered for this Incubator Stream. All programming and training is conducted in English and takes place in Toronto, Canada.

Example Innovation Areas

  • Intelligent smart-contract applications
  • Data marketplaces on the blockchain to enable predictions
  • Blockchain for data privacy and selective disclosure

The list above is not exhaustive.

Contact to discuss the Incubator Stream with a Blockchain staff member.

Representative CDL Alumni

Our Mentors

CDL mentors include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and active angel and venture investors. Mentors meet every eight weeks in Toronto to help founders set objectives over the program’s 10-month duration.

Anthony Lacavera
Boris Wertz
Ben Goertzel
William Tunstall-Pedoe

Full list of CDL-Toronto Fellows and Associates

Our Economists 

Teams accepted to the CDL Blockchain Incubator Stream benefit from extensive advising sessions and regular office hours with economists who are experts in market-design and crypto-economics. These experts help to evaluate approaches to building technology, suggest improvements, and to explore formal advising engagements.

Joshua Gans
Christian Catalini

Incubator Stream Features

The Blockchain Incubator Stream offers a robust set of resources for new founders to use to launch and scale a startup.

  • Crypto-Marketplace Bootcamp – This bootcamp focuses on crypto-economics and innovations in market design by world-renowned economists.
  • Business Guidance and Investor Access – Five objective-setting meetings with CDL Fellows and Associates, a group of highly successful entrepreneurs and investors with expertise in scaling high-tech startups.
  • Platform Support – Product development support from leading blockchain platform providers.
  • Access to Economists – Marketplace and incentive design advice from world-leading economists.
  • Business Support – Business development support from top-ranked MBAs at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.


The Blockchain Stream operates one annual cohort at CDL-Toronto. For more information or to schedule an introduction meeting with the CDL team, email



By 2023, the CDL will have produced more well-capitalized, revenue-generating intelligent-contract-based crypto companies than the rest of the world combined. The majority of these companies will be based in Canada.

Common Questions

What are the technical skills and knowledge prerequisites for the Incubator Stream?

Technical participants with a qualification in math, statistics, and cryptography are preferred. Strong background in computer science with expertise in languages such as C++, Javascript, Python, and Solidity is an asset.

I have a background in statistics or cryptography, and an idea to build a blockchain product but don’t have a startup or team. Can you introduce me to others in the program?

Yes, we will accept individuals with strong domain knowledge and business ideas. Submit an application, and a CDL team member will contact you.

I’m not Canadian. Can I still apply?

Yes. Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa. CDL may, at its own discretion, provide access to immigration support services, and provide supporting documentation as requested by the IRCC and other Canadian agencies. The Creative Destruction Lab takes no responsibility for an applicant being granted visa and/or work permit status in Canada.