Suzanne Gildert

Co-Founder & CSO, Kindred AI

Suzanne Gildert is a cofounder and CSO of Kindred AI, an artificial general intelligence company with offices in San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto, where she oversees the building of the company’s intelligent human-like robots, whose brains are trained using advanced machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques. She believes strongly that the machine life Kindred is working to create should exist symbiotically with humans, that artificial general intelligence will improve our civilization, and that as robots gain human-like intelligence, they should be treated as equals in our society. Before founding Kindred, Suzanne worked as a physicist at D-Wave, designing and building superconducting quantum processors and as a researcher in quantum artificial intelligence software applications.

Suzanne received her PhD in experimental physics from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2008, specializing in quantum device physics, microfabrication techniques, and low-temperature measurements of novel superconducting circuits.