Steven Bryant

Chief Scientist

Type: Scientist

Site: CDL-Rockies

Stream: Energy

Steven Bryant joined the University of Calgary in 2014 as the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Materials Engineering for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs and a professor in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in the Schulich School of Engineering. Professor Bryant leads an interdisciplinary discovery-driven research program involving two dozen collaborators in Calgary and around the world who are exploring advances in nanotechnology and materials science to re-imagine how society can benefit from hydrocarbon resources with little or no environmental impact. This approach has already led to several materials and processes entering the commercialization process, some of which have applications far beyond petroleum. Before accepting this position, Professor Bryant was at the University of Texas at Austin as Bank of America Centennial Professor in the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, where he directed the Geological CO2 Storage Joint Industry Project and the Nanoparticles for Subsurface Engineering Industrial Affiliates Program. Professor Bryant pioneered the fields of digital petrophysics and nanoparticles for engineering applications and has made some of the most significant advances in the past 20 years in porous media modeling, reactive transport theory, and CO2 sequestration. Professor Bryant has more than 350 publications in books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journals, and conference proceedings on applications in production engineering, reservoir engineering, and formation evaluation.