Sanjay Mittal

Founder, Selectica

Sanjay Mittal is an AI technologist and serial entrepreneur. His first venture was Selectica, a pioneer in internet sales and configuration solutions for large enterprises using AI constraint ­reasoning technologies, where he built the company from scratch to a $5B IPO. He was the inventor of Selectica’s core technology, the founding CTO and VP of Engineering, and later served as its CEO. More recently he was the co-­founder and CTO of Spotzot, the leader in location-­based delivery of retail offers over mobile devices. At Spotzot, he was instrumental in developing a number of machine learning techniques for optimizing bid prices that helped reduce the cost of buying media by 5­10x. Spotzot was recently sold to Valassis. He also started, advised, or invested in other startups such as Kiffets (ML for content categorization), TrustHop (sold to LinkedIn), and AccelTree. Before starting Selectica, he had a distinguished career as a research scientist at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) with notable work in Artificial Intelligence and Constraint Reasoning. Sanjay holds a PhD in Computer Science (specialization in AI) from Ohio State University, a BTech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and numerous patents in machine learning, configuration, and mobile technologies. He is a charter member of TiE Silicon Valley. Currently, Sanjay is the President and CEO of Video Mining, a pioneering start­up in using video and other sensor data to study in-­store shopper behavior. Video Mining has deep IP in video analytics and has many of the major US CPG retailers and 30 of the top CPG brands as its customers.