Niamh Gavin

Tutor, Student Programme | Startup Advisor

Role: Tutor

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Keen to obtain a global view on AI, Niamh has enjoyed the different teaching styles and ecosystems of Oxford, Stanford and Tsinghua. With an emphasis on computational biology, she deploys deep learning pan sectors, from research to production.

Having worked with incumbents, disruptors and regulators, Niamh appreciates the challenge that category-defining startups face, but also the immense benefit created when they succeed.

As a scientist who has held strategy, product and operational roles across industries, Niamh brings a multidisciplinary approach. Her journey to date spans robotics, synbio, finance, security and health.

Niamh splits her time between Silicon Valley and EU/UK providing technical due diligence to VCs, and jumping into technical, business and board roles within their portfolios, from seed to IPO.

Niamh is a big fan of CDL’s pay it forward model, and encourages everyone to be part of its amazing community!