Milad Alucozai

Venture Partner, Entrepreneur First

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Artificial Intelligence, Health

Milad Alucozai invests in early-stage bio, healthcare, and deep technology companies. He is a Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First, a global fund that has built 300+ companies with a combined valuation of over $2 billion. He recently became an External Advisor to AstraZeneca (NASDAQ:AZN), working on initiatives to partner more closely with startups. He proudly serves as a Mentor for groups like the Creative Destruction Lab and Harvard University iLabs.

Milad’s career began as a bench scientist working in translational neuroscience and multiphysics labs. He transitioned into becoming a founder and part of the founding team of multiple healthcare and bio startups. He is currently serving as CBO at Mekonos, a San Francisco VC-backed company building a platform for cell delivery supporting the future of cell and gene therapies. Prior to this, he served as CBO at Corstem, a company specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence software (acquired by Circle Cardiovascular, a platform used in over 1000 hospitals and in more than 40 countries). During his time at Accenture, Milad led data science and engineering teams building AI products for global pharmaceutical companies and hospital networks. He also served as a business advisor to Numerate, a San Francisco based drug discovery company (acquired by Valo Health in 2019).

Milad’s career has spanned across startups, nonprofits and global organizations in North America and Europe, building products customers love. He is on a mission to help others unlock their potential and truly thrive. He is a former Visiting Scholar in Healthcare Engineering at the Regenstrief Center. He was a National Science Foundation Scholar and Macklin Fellow at Johns Hopkins Medicine and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Neuroscience from Purdue University’s Honors Program. As a George J. Mitchell Scholar, he completed graduate school in Immunology & Public Health.