Matt Heffernan

CEO, Zedi Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Rockies

Stream: Energy, Prime

Matt Heffernan is the CEO of Zedi Inc., a Calgary-based technology and services company with a vision of sensing the planet. During his 10 plus years with Zedi, Matt has led the company from primarily servicing the oil and gas industry to a foray into new and innovative applications of Zedi’s sensor technology. Through Matt’s visionary leadership, Zedi has pivoted into varied areas of business ranging from food services and agrifoods to clean tech, recognizing the need to diversify along with the changing economy. Matt is on the board of Dycar Pharmaceuticals, a medical cannabis production company, and serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board for Blackbridge, a private company involved with satellite imaging for various companies and government departments. Matt currently also serves on the board of the Calgary Airport Authority as Chair of the Business Development Committee. Matt is a former board member of Canadian Locators Inc., the Van Horne Institute and has served as a member of the Chairman’s Circle for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Matt’s extensive experience in executive management roles in technology, sales and business development included TELUS Corporation, Exocom and entrepreneurial venture Outrider Technologies, before joining Zedi.