Ken Nickerson

CEO, iBinary LLC.

Ken Nickerson is the CEO of iBinary LLC. Formerly, he spent a decade at Microsoft, five years at Rogers Communications, and several years in banking and insurance developing emergent systems. As VP of Technology at Rogers, Mr. Nickerson brought a software focus with the design and development of INMS (sold to AT&T) and later the bridging of data networks via cable and access to Internet pre-Web. At Microsoft, Mr. Nickerson initiated streaming media via LAN, the acquisition of Hotmail, and the build of MSN. Mr Nikcerson is a founder, board member, or advisor to dTaz, Kobo, Flixel, Atomic Reach, Dimaris, Synbiota, Omers Ventures, Synaptop, and others. Current investments center on social change in reporting and media (dTaz), health (MagniWare), and privacy (Sealed). dTaz is a platform for global, real-time capture of news by professional journalists. MagniWare is a platform for global, real-time capture of personal health metrics (motion, temp, ecg, hrv, emg). is an open-sourced, privacy platform that provides a demonstrably secure platform for real-time communications (text, voice, video, shared space) for mobile and desktop environments. Mr. Nickerson is actively engaged in philanthropy focused on early education needs and enjoys traveling with his family, finding the next perfect book, and possibly understanding something new, every few years.