Gregory Ray

Director of Operations

Greg Ray is Senior Associate Director on the CDL-Global team. Greg has supported the launch of multiple CDL sites as the Lab has scaled up operations while supporting many CDL participant companies along the way, particularly in the life sciences. Greg has also taken a lead on the CDL pedagogy as the MBA Course Manager at two separate sites. Prior to his time at CDL, Greg served as the project manager for the development of an American managed hospital in Kuwait and supported the strategy development of a Dubai-based startup. In his free time, Greg mentors startups, scientists, and students exploring commercialization. Greg has also served as a mentor for the MIT Hacking Health and Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation & Technology hackathon programs. Greg holds a BA (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology) from Hamilton College, an MBA (Strategy) from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. (Molecular Biology & Infectious Disease) from Cornell University.