Deborah A. Peacock

Intellectual Property Attorney | Investor | Entrepreneur | Corporate Board Member

Role: Associate, Fellow

Site: CDL-Rockies, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Energy, Space

Deborah is a Registered Patent Attorney and Registered Professional Engineer (U.S.), an entrepreneur (owns/manages her law firm of ~30 employees for 25 years), an angel investor, and sits on several corporate boards (Canada and U.S.) involving natural resources and microgrids.  Deborah’s areas of expertise in the aerospace industry, includes outer space, spacecraft, rocket science, extraction of resources from the moon and asteroids, spacesuits, robotics, satellites, avionics, and solar energy. She was an early proponent of Spaceport America (New Mexico), the world’s first ever commercial spaceport and home to Virgin Galactic’s base for space tourism and has been honored to represent Moon Express.   

Deborah holds a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.  She is registered as a Patent Attorney throughout the U.S., and is also licensed in New York, Colorado, and New Mexico.  

She was a contributing author in We Got Mojo: Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration (Xlibris Publishing, U.S.) and the author of Mining on the Moon – Yes, it’s Really Going to Happen (SME Mining Engineering magazine).  She recently spoke about outer space policy on behalf of the Government Accountability Office Center for Strategic Foresight in Washington, D.C. (“From Deep Fakes to Deep Space, Policy Challenges for the Future”).  Deborah and her husband own several airplanes and enjoy their travels across the United States and Canada.