Amir Sariri

Research & Development Lead

Amir Sariri is a PhD candidate in Strategic Management at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and the Research & Development Lead at Creative Destruction Lab-Global. As the CDL’s R&D Lead, Amir’s core focus is on building machine-learning and quantum-inspired algorithms that learn from CDL’s unique startup data and predict on measures of startup success, such as the likelihood of financing. Furthermore, Amir works closely with the internationally renowned CDL scientists and the National Research Council of Canada to leverage their research and development resources for helping science-based startups with their technical development needs.

Amir joined the CDL as a Research Fellow in 2014, where he worked on several projects under the guidance of Professor Ajay Agrawal, his doctoral advisor. Projects included conducting research on new specialized technology streams, identifying and recruiting world-class academic scientists and investors for the CDL program, and designing training programs led by top quantum scientists and quantum hardware platforms as the core member of the CDL’s first stream for quantum–machine-learning companies. As well, Amir oversaw the CDL’s finances for two consecutive years, with responsibility for developing and managing a multimillion dollar budget.

Amir’s personal research interests centre around the economics of innovation. In his research, he focuses on the economics of artificial intelligence and conducts research on the labour market for AI scientists and implications of AI academic entrepreneurship on the rate and direction of scientific research. Other research interests include entrepreneurial finance and university technology transfer.  Amir completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto in economics and applied mathematics.