Alison Sunstrum

Founding Partner, CDL-Rockies | Founder, CEO CNSRVX-Inc.

Role: Fellow

Site: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Rockies

Stream: Ag, Prime, Recovery

Alison Sunstrum is Founder/CEO of CNSRV-X (Conserve X) a Canadian company researching and applying blockchain technology in agriculture.

Formerly alongside fellow Co-CEO/Founder of GrowSafe Systems Ltd. Camiel Huisma they developed an advanced data analytics machine learning platform that acquired data from individual animals and their environment. They grew their tech skunkworks from an Alberta garage to global operations; leading a team of engineers, computer and animal specialists that received International recognition for science-based innovation. Prior to this she led the development of one of Canada’s first electronic data interchange projects with a Canadian railroad. A recipient of the Beef Improvement Federation’s distinguished service award Alison is a member of Canada’s National Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table and holds a visiting appointment to West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.

A passionate advocate for advancing women in STEM and Agriculture, Alison holds patents for innovative technology and has presented widely on Big Data, the Internet of Livestock Things, and commercializing early stage technology ventures. A bootstrapping ninja who has failed brilliantly and succeeded wildly she enjoys mentoring early-stage technology companies in making the best use of their resources and intellectual property in preparation for scale.