Martin Chilcott

Chairman and CEO, Manufacture 2030

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Oxford

Stream: Climate

British entrepreneur specializing in environment and education, best known as the founder and CEO of 2degrees, the world’s largest community for sustainable business.

His first successful business venture was CTSS, a specialist technology marketing company, with colleague and friend James Tarin. In 1995, he established Clarity Communications (aquired by Lumos Networks, undiscolosed amount), followed by various companies that included Meltwater Ventures, a green business incubation service.

Since then, Martin has become a recognised speaker on how to make sustainable business happen, pioneering digital collaboration across value chains as a way to cut costs, reduce risks and environmental impacts. Acting as a catalyst for change, he helps business leaders in major global brands including Unilever, Asda Walmart, GSK and the Royal Bank of Scotland, to think differently about how to adopt the principles of sustainable business and use collaboration to transform the resilience, profitability and competitiveness of their businesses.

Manufacture 2030 is a software company focused on helping global manufacturers use less energy, water and material – to help them become more resource efficient.