Hadi Dowlatabadi

Scientist | Energy, Public Policy, Resource Governance and Management

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Climate

Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi is a Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Applied Mathematics and Integrated Assessment of Global Change at the University of British Columbia, a University Fellow at Resources for the Future, a Washington DC think tank, and an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Engineering & Public Policy.

Dr. Dowlatabadi received a B.Sc. in Physics from Edinburgh University (1980) and a Ph.D. in physics (focusing on integrated energy systems) from the Cavendish Laboratories at the University of Cambridge (1984). His research focuses on interacting social, economic, and environmental systems, and how these systems create and respond to challenges over time, at the interface of technology, energy, the environment, public health, and public policy. In 2004, Dr. Dowlatabadi co-founded the non-profit Offsetters Climate Neutral Society, a leading provider of sustainability and carbon management solutions. Offsetters made the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics climate-neutral and have been a pioneer in GHG reduction strategies. In 2007, Dr. Dowlatabadi co-founded Green-Erg Technologies, a company focused on energy efficiency projects. He has extensive collaborations with First Nations on realizing renewable energy in their territories. In 2012, Dr. Dowlatabadi co-founded HydroRun, a company that developed a novel hydrokinetic wing to generate electricity from the energy of free-flowing streams, with the goal of dispatchable renewable electricity generation at competitive prices to the grid. Dr. Dowlatabadi was a lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and also on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment