Based in Madison, Wisconsin, CDL-Wisconsin is a partnership with American Family Insurance and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. CDL-Wisconsin will work with startups focused on risk management across society, launching a new CDL Risk stream. The partnership leverages academic expertise and knowledge in the top-ranked risk and insurance program at the UW-Madison School of Business and as well as the technical prowess and long tradition of departments in the School of Computing, Data and Information Sciences to seed tech entrepreneurship.

The importance of UW-Madison supporting entrepreneurship in tech has never been greater. We are excited to partner with CDL and American Family to take advantage of our existing strengths including expertise in artificial intelligence and data science. This is an incredible opportunity for not just our students and faculty but the whole region.

Tom Erickson, Founding Director of the School of Computing, Data and Information Sciences

Now, more than ever, we can see why entrepreneurship and advancements in data science and technology applied to risk management is critical to the insurance industry and society in general. Our involvement with these innovative startups in the very early stages will provide invaluable insights for us, and established resources to help them succeed.

Bill Westrate, President of American Family Insurance

“This innovative partnership is another way UW-Madison helps to create jobs and grow the economy. In leveraging the university’s robust strengths in risk management, insurance, entrepreneurship, and technology, this initiative will spur economic development in an area that is ripe for growth.”

Vallabh “Samba” Sambamurthy, Albert O. Nicholas Dean of the Wisconsin School of Business

CDL Risk

For founders developing transformational technologies in risk management.

CDL Health & Wellness

CDL-Wisconsin’s Health & Wellness Stream supports teams bringing medical technology, digital health, healthcare platform, and wellness innovations to market.