CDL-West is located in Vancouver, BC at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.  Vancouver is a fast-growing tech hub on the West Coast, combining a Silicon Valley time zone with an Asia-facing outlook.  In addition to a Prime (general) stream, CDL-West has a Health cohort, focusing on the convergence of technologies tackling human health as well as environmental and agricultural challenges.


The general technology or “Prime” stream includes startups in an array of industries with deep-science and technology innovations. The Prime stream is industry agnostic, with startups tackling problems in healthcare, finance, energy, chemical, media, transportation, and agriculture sectors, amongst others. Technologies in the Prime stream include advanced engineering, electronics, blockchain, nanotech, neuroscience, and general IT applications.

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The Health stream seeks to support creative, intelligent, and ambitious individuals and teams with strong backgrounds in chemical, biological, medical, materials, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Early stage ventures (or applicants with an interest in developing a venture) will be considered should they demonstrate a focus on applied and translational science with the potential to create significant innovations that advance health and wellness, including agricultural and environmental technologies that are aligned with these objectives.

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