CDL-Rockies will leverage the Haskayne School of Business’s deep expertise in entrepreneurial thinking as well as the University of Calgary’s key research pillars: energy innovations for today and tomorrow; human dynamics in a changing world; engineering solutions for health; new earth-space technologies; infections, inflammation, and chronic disease; and brain and mental health.


Through its planned specialized stream, CDL-Rockies will advance the Canadian energy tech industry through the Haskayne School of Business’s deep connections with the resource-based industries headquartered in western Canada as well as its centres of excellence in energy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.


The general technology or “Prime” stream includes startups in an array of industries with deep-science and technology innovations. The Prime stream is industry agnostic, with startups tackling problems in healthcare, finance, energy, chemical, media, transportation, and agriculture sectors, amongst others. Technologies in the Prime stream include advanced engineering, electronics, blockchain, nanotech, neuroscience, and general IT applications.